In House Training

The only thing worse than training employees and losing them, is to not train them and keep them!    –  Zig Ziglar

Training isn’t a cost, it’s an investment!  Whether you are a large corporate, government department, SMME or a Non-Profit Organisation, investing in the skills development of your staff makes good business sense.

Well targeted training opportunities will not only maximise the potential of your talent pool, but has also been shown to reduce staff turnover, boost morale and significantly improve operational efficiency, motivation and service delivery. 

If you’re not already convinced of the benefits of in-house training, we invite you to consider the following:

Convenience & Flexibility

Training groups of staff together means less disruption and time out of the office. By staging a course in-house, you can choose a convenient time, location and pace that works for you.  Courses can be delivered as either a single session or in phases over weeks or months to suit the availability of participants

Consistent Quality & Team Building

In-house training offers participants an opportunity to improve team work through a shared learning experience and by gaining a better understanding and appreciation of each other’s role.

Immediate Application

Using real-life experience in the context of your organisation’s culture and practices, participants will find that common understandings are quickly formed. Learning outcomes from in-house training are therefore more readily implemented with immediate benefit to your organisation.


Sensitive business information, strategy and challenges relevant to the subject matter may be aired and discussed more openly.


Course content and outcomes may be fine-tuned to suit your company or department’s specific training and business needs and budget. We go the extra mile to ensure that training is appropriately designed and delivered.

Cost Efficiency

The cost per employee is typically less expensive when compared to external training events..


Because in-house training programmes are usually customised to suit client specific needs, pricing will vary. Please contact us for a free consultation after which a quotation will be submitted.