Our short courses offer a consistently high quality of design and delivery that focus on the integration of theoretical frameworks together with the transfer of both hard and soft skills to ensure that busy professionals get the learnings they need in order to close critical performance gaps and make positive and lasting changes to work processes and/or behaviours that can be practically demonstrated in the workplace.

Proceedings always incorporate a high level of interactivity to ensure maximum involvement in the learning process and embedding of skills. Adult learning methodologies employed are aimed at retention of learnings and based on action-learning/experiential techniques and activities, case studies, and opportunities for reflection and critical thinking.

image-5_2Learnings are supported by multi-media presentations, workbooks and other appropriate materials. The sharing of peer group experience and insights are recognised as an important learning resource and is enthusiastically encouraged.

  • Courses vary in duration from 1 – 3 Days
  • Detailed course outlines are available on request
  • Individual and small group coaching sessions are also offered for most of the above topics


Accredited Courses Offered

US 119462 – NQF Level 4 / 5 Credits

US 242821 – NQF Level 4 / 6 Credits

US 110023 – NQF Level 4 / 6 Credits

US 110009 – NQF Level 4 / 4 Credits

US 242824 – NQF Level 4 / 12 Credits

US 13934 – NQF Level 3/ 4 Credits

US 242829 – NQF Level 4 / 5 Credits

US 12153 – NQF Level 4 / 5 Credits

US 114226 – NQF Level 5 / 8 Credits

US 15234 – NQF Level 5 / 4 Credits

Courses for Non-Profit Organisations

We offer the following short courses to South African NPO’s that are specifically aimed at building their professionalism and organisational sustainability:

  • An Introduction to Fundraising
  • Planning For NPO Sustainability
  • Finding the Money:  How to Source & Access Funding from Major Donor Markets
  • How to Write the Winning Funding Proposal
  • Funding Applications Workshop
  • Marketing for Successful Fundraising