Course Descriptions

Assertiveness is a valuable skill for career success and business effectiveness. This programme will focus on the practical application of assertive attitudes and behaviours and demonstrate ways to handle workplace challenges without being intimidating, offensive or aggressive.
Who Should Attend: Anyone who wishes to improve their assertive abilities, build self-esteem and achieve more congenial working relationships.

Resilience is the most important defence people have against the pressures and stress of today’s demanding world of work. This course will develop the skills required to bounce back from adverse circumstances and remain task focused and productive. Emphasis will be given to proven self-coaching models in order to develop and maintain resourcefulness as a key competency for personal mastery and as a response to challenging events, people and situations.
Who Should Attend: This course will benefit anyone who needs to improve their resilience to a variety of stressors and enhance self-confidence, wellbeing and productivity.

The ability to write and message clearly, concisely and convincingly is indispensable to personal and organizational image and efficiency. This programme will cover the principles and practice of crafting written communications applicable to letters, emails, and a range of other business documents, and provide participants with the ability to tackle business writing with assurance and impact!
Who Should Attend: Anyone who wishes to significantly strengthen their business writing skills.
* Available as an accredited course.

This course will creatively explore the dynamics of inter-personal and group conflict. Participants will gain a better understanding of the underlying issues that give rise to conflict and acquire the basic know-how needed to manage these so as to minimize potential conflict and/or ensure healthier outcomes to existing conflict situations.
Who Should Attend: Anyone who wishes to acquire fresh insights and practical skills that may be constructively applied in any conflict situation.
* Available as an accredited course.

The ability to communicate effectively is key to the smooth running of all business activities and a critical competence for successful interpersonal transactions. This powerful action-learning programme will equip participants with the relevant insights, behaviours, tools and skills that will build better working relationships through mutual understanding and willing co-operation in order to maintain a harmonious and productive workplace.
Who Should Attend: Anyone who wishes to significantly enhance their verbal and non-verbal communication skills, act with confidence, build rapport and turn resistance into co-operation.
* Available as an accredited course.

This experiential course will creatively explore the four components of emotional intelligence – ie. self-awareness, self-management, social sensitivity, relationship management – and will demonstrate how these insights and understandings can be turned into operational skills in the workplace.
Who Should Attend: Anyone who wishes to unlock their EQ potential, improve working relationships, leadership abilities and overall performance and effectiveness.

The accurate and efficient management of both hard and soft business documents is the lifeblood of any organisation. This workshop will focus on effective filing and record systems together with the administration procedures, controls and skills required to perform the necessary tasks to best practice standards.
Who Should Attend: This course will benefit all those working in an administrative position – from junior to senior clerical staff and office managers.
* Available as an accredited course.

A successful manager needs to have a sound understanding of financial principles and how they are applied in the business world. This practical and user-friendly course aims to demystify the jargon and equip participants with a solid introduction to the basic concepts of financial management. Proceedings include interpretation of the main elements of financial statements and the essentials of planning and managing a large or small budget.
Who Should Attend: Managers at all levels who, while having no formal financial training, wish to enhance their financial literacy and gain insights on how to track performance, inform critical decisions, converse with accounting professionals and manage financial resources more efficiently.

This course will equip participants with the practical tools, techniques and acumen required to function effectively in a more senior management role. Participants will acquire the skills, motivation and confidence needed to competently shoulder managerial responsibilities in a resourceful and professional manner.
Who Should Attend: This programme is aimed at managers who are, or will shortly be, actively involved at a more strategic level within their organisation and who wish to further develop their hard and soft skills set to ensure success in a middle/senior management capacity.
* Available as an accredited course.

Effective meetings are a key tool for the successful management of all business activities. This hands-on workshop will equip participants with the know-how required to fulfil their role as part of the meeting team and offers a comprehensive understanding of best practice procedures to ensure that both formal and informal business meetings are competently organised and recorded.
Who Should Attend: Secretaries, personal assistants and other administrative support staff. An excellent starter or refresher course.
* Available as an accredited course.

This course will provide participants with the confidence and competence required to influence and motivate their teams to peak performance and productivity and, on this solid foundation, will demonstrate the skills required to develop individuals through effective feedback and coaching skills.
Who Should Attend: New and existing managers and team leaders.

Personal mastery is a continuous process of creating, learning, growing and living pro-actively, drawing on self-enquiry, reflection, feedback, purpose and intention – an evolving journey that leads progressively to a sense of personal power, autonomy and a capacity to control important aspects of our life and work, and to influence people and our environment.
This course will offer inspiration for this commitment as also the platform to explore and experiment with key aspects of personal growth and self-management.
Who Should Attend: Anyone who would like to acquire the insights and skills to understand and manage themselves better and thrive in their life and career.

The ability to identify and solve problems quickly, confidently and effectively is a core competency for success at all levels of management in today’s workplace. The aim of this stimulating one-day workshop is to provide participants with the ability to think more creatively about current and anticipated challenges in order to arrive at sound decisions, drive action and track results. Proceedings include ample opportunity for discussion and the practical application of skills.
Who Should Attend: Managers who wish to learn more about resourceful alternatives with which to tackle both routine and unexpected problems in the workplace.

Skilfully employed, the telephone can be a powerful communication and profit tool in any business context. This one-day workshop will ensure that participants are well equipped to handle every telephone call with courtesy, confidence and competence to enhance the image of the organisation, handle challenging conversations and maximise opportunities from enquiries, sales and service calls.
Who Should Attend: Anyone who makes use of the telephone as their primary means of communicating internally and/or with clients and the general public. Includes: frontline telephonists, receptionists, secretaries, administrators, help desk clerks, call centre agents etc.

Business reports are a key communication tool used to convey information, support critical decision-making or propose a course of action, either within the organisation or for a client. This intensive and practical 2 day workshop will focus on honing the necessary information gathering, layout, and writing techniques to make the process easier and ensure that the resulting document achieves its aims. Participants will have ample opportunity to apply and practice skills.
* Financial and technical reports will not be covered in this course.
Who Should Attend: Anyone who needs to sharpen their ability to produce business reports that are clear, concise, credible and aligned to the purpose and audience for which they are intended.
* Available as an accredited course.

This foundational course offers a solid overview of the role, responsibilities and accountabilities of a first level manager and will provide participants with an on-the-job skills together with the know-how required to develop their own leadership style and to motivate and manage subordinates in an effective and efficient manner.
Who Should Attend: This course is aimed at newly appointed supervisors as well as those identified for promotion to first-line management. A useful refresher for existing supervisors and middle managers.
* Available as an accredited course.

To achieve customer service excellence requires effective teamwork and skilled, caring and motivated people on the front line who can understand the customer’s wants, needs, and expectations and who have the ability to satisfy these efficiently and consistently. This workshop will significantly strengthen participants’ people and service skills, enable them to perform at above average levels and aspire to best practice standards.
Who Should Attend: Front line, administrative & secretarial staff, call/service centre personnel, sales staff, customer service team leaders etc.
* Available as an accredited course.

The aim of team building is to increase communication, create trust and a unified sense of purpose, achieve commitment to a set of values and generally improve effectiveness within a team or work unit so that it achieves its business goals. It should also provide the group with a framework and a common language from which to explore and increase understanding of collective strengths, use these to best effect and resolve any issues that hamper full team function. We offer customised team building interventions of one day or longer that will address our clients’ specific needs – such as:
– A new team which is not yet a cohesive unit
– An existing team which needs to re-focus for a new challenge or strategy
– A team in the throes of major change or re-organisation
– A merged team that needs to start functioning effectively as one
– A problem team, where conflicts or low morale are getting in the way of effectiveness
– A high performing team which wants to achieve even greater success

In today’s world of work, the PA’s role has evolved to one where s/he is an indispensible partner to senior management by enabling them to perform optimally and deliver results. The focus of this course is to grow and develop the special competencies that personal assistants need in order to cope with the responsibility and unique challenges of their role. Participants will acquire the real-life skills required to: work independently, efficiently, reliably, show initiative, think strategically, create a supportive environment to the manager and act as a link between the manager and the internal/external business team.
Who Should Attend: This course will benefit existing or newly appointed PA’s and those who are aspiring to this position.

The pace of change and the complexity of demands made on our time and attention in the workplace often creates stress and negatively affects general job effectiveness. This one day course offers an integrated approach to skilful time management together with practical strategies that will positively contribute towards reduced stress levels and improved performance.
Who Should Attend: Anyone who wishes to acquire the insights and tools to enhance personal productivity and overcome typical obstacles associated with poor time management.
* Available as an accredited course.

This course will introduce participants to a broader understanding of and sensitivity to diversity in a SA business environment. Proceedings will cover : raising awareness of the issues that impact the diverse workplace; identify and strengthen existing skills and enable participants to further develop competencies for dealing positively and productively with diversity; encourage the embracing of diversity and show how to build trust and foster healthier relationships among staff members and in dealings with clients and/or the public.
Who Should Attend: Of value to all levels of the workforce.